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Welcome to Trigen Kaizen. In the year 2000, the EBOO/RHP idea has inspired a group of Engineers and Doctors in Malaysia to embark in developing EBOO /RHP ozone technology.With a steadfast commitment to innovation and excellence, we have been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge ozone devices that empower wellness professionals to provide exceptional care to their patients.

Our mission is to revolutionize integrative treatments through the responsible and effective use of ozone therapy. We are dedicated to engineering safe, reliable, and user-friendly ozone devices that harness the power of ozone to enhance healing and improve the lives of individuals worldwide

Our team of experienced engineers, health experts, and researchers leads in designing ozone therapy machines to meet the highest quality and performance standards. These devices are compact, portable, and require minimal maintenance, thanks to our relentless pursuit of innovation

Patient safety and practitioner confidence are paramount. Our ozone devices undergo rigorous quality checks, conforming to industry regulations, and hold CE certification. They are manufactured under ISO 13485 standards, ensuring reliability and durability.

Based in Malaysia, Trigen Kaizen serves medical professionals and institutions worldwide. We collaborate with healthcare communities globally to expand access to ozone therapy technology.

Our philosophy revolves around the customer. We value feedback from healthcare providers, integrating their insights into our product development, aligning our EBOO ozone devices with practical healthcare professional needs and expectations.

We invite you to explore our Ozone Therapy device, learn about the science behind ozone therapy, and discover how our technology can elevate your professional practice. Join us in our mission to transform healthcare through ozone
therapy innovation.Thank you for choosing us. Your journey towards safer, more holistic health solutions
with the ability to generate multiple revenue streams starts here. For inquiries, partnership opportunities, and more, please contact us at trigenkaizen@gmail.com


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Together, we’re shaping a healthier world through innovation and ozone therapy excellence.

Global Presence

We are globally present almost all continents such as America , Europe , Africa , Japan , Hong Kong , China , South East Asia , and also upcoming Middle East. America has been most widely practicing EBOO/RHP country; we have trained many EBOO practitioners and plenty units available in almost all states in the United States of America

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