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Why Choose EBOO Treatment for Your Patients?

EBOO therapy has demonstrated its potential to significantly improve patient health and well-being across a wide range of medical conditions. Choosing EBOO means offering your patients a highly effective treatment option.

Embracing EBOO therapy allows healthcare professionals to stay at the forefront of medical innovation and setting your practice apart from competitors.

Integrating EBOO into your practice empowers you with advanced medical technology. 

By adopting EBOO, you contribute to a global shift toward holistic and innovative healthcare. Your practice becomes a part of a transformative movement, impacting patients’ lives on a global scale.

EBOO therapy provides an additional treatment option in your arsenal, catering to a wider range of patient needs. This versatility can attract a more diverse patient base to your practice.

Investing in EBOO is an investment in the future of your healthcare enterprise. Not only does it improve patient outcomes, but it also offers a profitable avenue for your practice’s growth.

EBOO working methodology was first initiated in year 1992 by Prof Velio Bocci and Prof Nicola Di Paolo from University of Siena , Italy. Several trial and laboratory test conducted in accordance to principal ideas. However, due to complexity and challenges in obtaining ozone resistance material, the ideas were kept for further review. In year 2000, the EBOO idea has been revisited and taught to group of Doctors in Malaysia.

The EBOO ideas has ignited and inspired our organisation to work further to develop EBOO technology in ozone therapy. Now , we are proud to claim that we are pioneer in developing EBOO technology into practicable use .

Advance technology in membrane manufacturing, ozone generators technology and ozone resistance materials have contributed to produce most advance and reliable EBOO machine to market. 

Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation is commonly known as




EBOO also commonly known as ozone dialysis , it has been named due to similarity of procedure.


Approximately, 2 litters to 3.5 litters of blood will be circulated and treated during 60 minutes of procedure.


Ozonation process occurs extracorporeal or ex-vivo on close and vacuum circuit.


Our Pioneering EBOO/RHP technology has made groundbreaking advancement in the world of integrative therapy. Our innovation has led to developing and producing the most advanced and reliable EBOO/RHP machine and methodologies of advanced ozone therapy like EBOO SAFE (Simple Access Fluid Extraction). 

We take pride in delivering not just the ozone machine, but a safe technology in holistic wellness solution.

We are here to empower you with the technicalities, knowledge and guidance to make the most of this cutting edge EBOO/RHP technology so you can see a significant impact on your patients well-being and generate a profitable professional practise.

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